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Tuffy —

They call me Tuffy. My name says it all. I love sports! Football is my favorite, but I like hockey, baseball… well anything that involves sports. I’m a big bear, but I’m pretty fast too. That makes me a great football player. Tuffy is made from short antique gold mohair, German glass eyes, and is fully jointed. Available for […]

Toby —

Hi, I’m Toby, and I am all boy! Rough and tumble, and I always seem to be just a bit dirty. I love to fish with anyone who will go with me, or just a summer swim* in the lake is fine with me. I am made with short curly tan mohair, I have German […]

Ruby —

Ruby is a rather happy lady. She always has a smile to share, or a kind word to offer. She loves hosting parties and surrounding herself with all her favorite bears and bunnies. She is a joy to be around. Ruby is made with mauve mohair, has German glass eyes, and is fully jointed. You […]

Pearl —

Meet Pearl. Pearl is a fun bunny who loves to play dress up. Always wearing her mommies favorite shawl, or shoes, or anything she can get her paws on.  Pearl is made with white mohair, has beautiful blue German glass eyes, and is fully jointed.  Available for adoption for $80.00. Click here.

Miss Marigold —

Miss Marigold is quite the gardener. She will spend hours just enjoying her beautiful flowers and loves to share them with her friends. Miss Marigold is made with sparse antique gold mohair, has German glass eyes and is fully jointed. Miss Marigold is adoptable for $48.00. Click here.

Emily —

Emily is a young and rambunctious girl.  Sometimes she’s a bit scruffy, as she enjoys climbing trees and roughhousing with other bears. Emily is made with Tissavel synthetic, making her hypo-allergenic.  She has German glass eyes and is fully jointed. You can adopt Emily for $80. Click here.

Charles —

Hello. I’m Charles. I like to pretend to be a grown up bear. (note my dressed up paws). I like to hang out with the big bears because they always have great stories to tell. I love to hear about when they were little cubs like me. Charles is made from mink Tissavel fabric, making […]

Miss Carolyn —

Miss Carolyn is a one of a kind gorgeous calico rabbit. She loves music and sings beautifully. She often performs at weddings and parties and is always a hit. Miss Carolyn is made from synthetic calico plush, so she is hypo-allergenic. She has German glass eyes and is fully jointed. She is bent kneed so she sits well on […]

Autumn —

I’m Autumn, and Fall is my favorite season. Fresh apple pie, the color changes and the crunch of leaves under your paws. I love Fall hayrides too, with a fire after roasting marshmallows. What a great way to spend time with friends. Autumn is made with sparse gold mohair, striking blue German glass eyes, and […]

Abby —

Soft and sweet, Abby is a cuddle bug. She’s a quiet girl who loves being with her family just hanging out. She loves old movies and will watch them whenever she can. Bring the popcorn! See you at the movies. Abby is made with very long beige mohair. She has beautiful brown German glass eyes, […]

Mrs. Rose —

Mrs. Rose is the Grandma of all the Buncha bears. She likes her quiet time, but also her weekly “ladies afternoons” spent with her oldest friends, and always welcomes a baby bear for a snuggle on her lap. Mrs. Rose is made with mauve mohair, German glass eyes and is fully jointed Mrs. Rose is […]